Saturday, February 23, 2013

1:20 Tamiya 1965 Honda F-1 RA272 - Pt. 1

Welcome to DieselRocket's Motor Racing Models! We'll start this off with Part 1 of my 1:20 Tamiya 1965 Honda F-1 RA272 build. I am building the 1965 Mexican Grand Prix winner, driven by Richie Ginther.

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To date, I have assembled the vast majority of the model, and currently I am working on wiring and plumbing the engine and cockpit. I am using Tamiya acrylics and TS sprays, as well as Vallejo acrylics and MIG washes with the brush where appropriate.

The car body has been painted from a heated Tamiya rattle can of TS-7 Racing White. Before application of decals (using the Micro Set/Sol line of decal products), the car was polished with Tamiya polishing compounds. The shroud in the cockpit is hand painted using Vallejo satin black. Next up for the body will be red touchups on the edges of the rising sun logo, followed by a clear coat and another application of Tamiya polishing compounds.

The engine, exhaust and frame have been painted with Tamiya acrylic aluminum, then brush painted with a Vallejo gold/silver mix for the gold areas. The frame, suspension and exhaust are painted Tamiya satin black. The engine has received a light wash of MIG dark wash. At this stage I am beginning to wire up the engine using wiring components from Model Factory Hiro.

Brake disks have been painted with Tamiya acrylic silver, suspension components with Tamiya gloss black, and the radiator painted with a Tamiya gold/silver mix and a MIG dark wash. The bottom of the chassis was masked off and hand painted with Humbrol silver, followed by MIG dark wash to create the grooves.

Hopefully I will have Part 2 up soon and will have the model completed. Once wiring, plumbing, and final painting are done, I will be adding mesh screens in appropriate areas, the mirrors, performing final assembly on the entire car, and painting and assembling the tires.

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